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Poplili. The services provided by com are subject to the following terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "TOU"). Microsoft reserves the right to update and modify TOU at any time without notifying you. Click on the 'Terms of Use' hyperlink at the bottom of the webpage to view the latest version of TOU. When updating TOU, PoplliCom will update the top date of the page. By using the website after the release of the new version of TOU, you agree to the terms of this new version.


Service Description


Poplili. COM provides you with access to various resources through its extensive network assets, including developer tools, download areas, communication forums, and product information (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Services"). All services, including any updates, enhancements, new features, and/or additions to any new network assets, are subject to the constraints of TOU.

Restrictions on personal and non commercial use

Unless otherwise specified, the service can only be used for your personal and non commercial purposes. You shall not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, execute, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative products, transfer or sell any information, software, products or services obtained from the services.


Privacy and Protection of Personal Information

Please refer to the Privacy Statement disclosure related to your personal data collection and use.



All content included or provided in various services, such as text, graphics, logos, icons, images, sound, music, digital downloads, data compilations, software, and documents, are PoplliCom or its content suppliers' exclusive property is protected by various applicable trade dress laws, copyright laws, trademark laws, patent laws, other intellectual property laws and unfair competition laws in the United States and internationally (hereinafter collectively referred to as "content"). All rights not explicitly granted to you in this TOU are owned by PoplliOwned and reserved by com or its licensors, suppliers, publishers, rights holders, or other content providers.



Any software that can be downloaded from the service (hereinafter referred to as "software") is PoplliCopyright protected products of com and/or its suppliers. The use of the software is subject to the terms of the end user license agreement (if any, hereinafter referred to as the "license agreement") that accompanies or includes the software. Unless the end user first agrees to the terms of the license agreement, they will not be able to install any software that comes with or includes the license agreement. Third party scripts or code that are linked to or referenced from this website are licensed to you by the third party who owns the code (rather than Poplli.com).

According to the license agreement, only end users can download and use the software. The law explicitly prohibits any software copying or redistribution that is not carried out in accordance with the license agreement, otherwise it may result in severe civil and criminal penalties. Violators will be prosecuted to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Without limiting the above content, it is expressly prohibited to copy the software to any other server or location for further copying or redistribution, unless such copying or redistribution is expressly permitted by the license agreement accompanying the software.

Provide software warranty only according to the terms of the license agreement (if any). In addition to the warranties provided in the license agreement, PoplliCom Corporation hereby disclaims all warranties and conditions related to the software, including warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, ownership, and non infringement (whether express, implied, or statutory). For convenience, PoplliCOM may provide tools and utilities for use and/or download in services or their software products. PoplliCom makes no warranties. When using services or PopliPlease respect the intellectual property rights of others when providing tools and utilities in com software products.

Limited Rights Legend. Any software downloaded from the service for or on behalf of the United States, its agencies and/or departments (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "United States Government") has limited rights. The use, reproduction, or disclosure of software by the United States government is subject to the limitations specified in (c) (1) (ii) of the "Technical Data and Computer Software Rights" clause of DFARS 252.227-7013 or (c) (1) and (2) of the "Commercial Computer Software Limited Rights" clause of 48 CFR 52.227-19, as applicable. The manufacturer is PopllicomCorporation,



Documents in the service (such as white papers, press releases, datasheets, and FAQs) may be licensed for use provided that they meet the following requirements: (1) all copies contain the following copyright statement, which appears simultaneously with this license statement, and (2) unless otherwise expressly stated in the license or agreement, Otherwise, such documents in the service will only be used for information and non-commercial or personal purposes, and will not be copied or published on any Network Computer or broadcast on media, and (3) will not modify any documents. Approved educational institutions such as K-12, universities, private/public colleges, and state community colleges can download and copy documents for distribution in the classroom. Clear written permission is required to distribute documents outside of the classroom. The law explicitly prohibits the use of documents for any other purpose, otherwise it may result in severe civil and criminal penalties. Violators will be prosecuted to the maximum extent permitted by law.

The documents specified above do not include PoplliCom website or PoplliThe design or layout of any other website owned, operated, licensed or controlled by com. Poplili. The elements of the website are protected by the trade dress law, trademark law, unfair competition law and other laws, and may not be copied or imitated in whole or in part. Unless Poplli is obtainedWithout the express permission of com, no Poplli may be copied or retransmittedLogo, graphics, sound or image on a com website.

PoplliCOM and/or its corresponding suppliers make no representations regarding the applicability of this information. All such documents and related graphics are provided 'as is' without any form of warranty. Poplili. COM and/or its corresponding suppliers hereby disclaim all warranties and conditions related to this information, including all warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, ownership, and non infringement (whether express, implied, or statutory). In any case, PoplliCOM and/or its corresponding suppliers shall not be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages caused by the loss of use rights, data or profits, whether arising from or related to the use or performance of information in the service through contractual acts, negligence, or other infringement.

The documents and related graphics published on various services may contain technical or formatting errors. The information here will be changed periodically. Poplili. COM and/or its corresponding suppliers may make improvements and/or changes to the products and/or programs described here at any time.

Limited Liability

In any case, PoplliCOM and/or its corresponding suppliers shall not be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages caused by the loss of use rights, data, or profits, whether arising from the use or performance of software and documents, service settings, or failure to provide services or information in the services, or related contractual acts, negligence, or other infringements.


Member accounts, passwords, and security

If any service requires you to open an account, you must follow the prompts in the applicable registration form and provide us with the latest, complete, and accurate information to complete the registration process. In addition, you will also choose a password and username. You are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account. In addition, you should also take full responsibility for any activities carried out under your account. You agree to inform Poplli immediately upon discovering any unauthorized use of your account or any other behavior that undermines securitycom。 For any losses caused to you by others using your password or account with or without your knowledge, PoplliCom assumes no responsibility. However, for those who use your account or password due to others giving PoplliYou may be responsible for any losses caused by com or the other party. You are not allowed to use another person's account at any time without the permission of the account holder.


Not to be used for illegal or prohibited purposes

As a condition of your use of the service, you shall not use the service for any illegal purpose or any use prohibited by these terms, conditions, and statements. No matter how you use the service, you must not damage or harm any PoplliCOM server or connect to any PoplliThe network of a com server, making it inoperable or burdensome, shall not interfere with the use and enjoyment of any service by any other party. You shall not attempt to access any services, other accounts, computer systems, or connect to any Poplili without authorization through hacker attacks, password cracking, or any other meansA network of com servers or any service. You are not allowed to obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information through any other means except through the active provision of services. You must not attempt to copy, change, or otherwise modify the service or TOU.


Service usage

Services may include email services, bulletin board services, chat areas, newsgroups, forums, communities, personal web pages, calendars, albums, cabinets, and/or other messaging or communication devices designed to enable you to communicate with others (each a separate "communication service", collectively referred to as "communication services"). You agree to use communication services only for publishing, sending, and receiving appropriate messages and materials related to specific communication services (if applicable). You agree that when using communication services, you will not (for example only, but not limited to the following situations):


Use communication services for investigations, competitions, illegal pyramid schemes, chain messages, spam emails, spam, or any duplicate or unsolicited information (commercial or otherwise).

Defamation, verbal abuse, harassment, stalking, threatening or otherwise infringing on the legitimate rights of others (such as privacy and image rights).

Publish, post, upload, distribute, or disseminate any inappropriate, profane, defamatory, obscene, indecent, or illegal topics, names, materials, or information.

Uploading or otherwise providing files, photos, software or other materials containing images protected by the intellectual property law, including (here are only examples but not limited to these cases) copyright law or trademark law (or privacy or image rights), unless you own or control the relevant rights, or have obtained all necessary licenses to do so.

Use any materials or information provided by the service, including images or photos, in any way that infringes on any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or other proprietary rights of either party.

Upload files containing viruses, trojans, worms, ticking time bomb scenario, scavengers, damaged files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of other people's computers or the property of others.

Promote or propose to sell or purchase any goods or services for any commercial purpose, unless such communication services explicitly allow such information.

Download any files published by other users of the communication service that you know or should know cannot be legally copied, displayed, executed, and/or distributed in such a way.

Falsify or delete any copyright management information, such as author affiliation, legal or other appropriate statements, proprietary names, source labels, software sources, or other materials included in uploaded files.

Restrict or prohibit any other user from using and enjoying communication services.

Violation of any code of conduct or other guidelines that may apply to any specific communication service.

Collect or collect relevant information from others through other means, including email addresses.

Violation of any applicable laws or regulations.

Create false identities to mislead others.

Use, download, or otherwise copy or provide (whether charged or not) any directory or usage information of service users or other users, or any part thereof, to individuals or entities.

Poplili. COM does not assume responsibility for monitoring communication services. However, PoplliCom reserves the right to review materials posted to communication services and to delete any materials at its discretion. Microsoft reserves the right to terminate your access to any communication service at any time without notice for any reason.


Poplili. COM reserves the right to disclose any information in accordance with any applicable laws, regulations, legal procedures, or government requests, as well as the right to edit, refuse to publish, or delete all or part of the information or materials at its discretion.


Please exercise caution when providing any personally identifiable information about yourself or your children in any communication service. Poplili. Com does not control or endorse the content, messages, or information contained in any communication service, and PoplliCOM expressly disclaims any responsibility for the communication services and any actions that may occur as a result of your participation in any communication services. Managers and hosts are not authorized PoplliCom spokesperson, their views cannot represent PoplliCom's perspective.


Materials uploaded to communication services may be subject to published restrictions on their use, copying, and/or dissemination; If you download materials, you are responsible for complying with such restrictions.

To PoplliMaterials provided by com or in any PoplliMaterials posted on the com website


Poplili. Com does not provide you with PoplliCOM's materials (including feedback and suggestions) or materials posted, uploaded, inputted or submitted to any service or its related services for review by the public or any public or private community members (each a "submission content", collectively referred to as "submission content") declare ownership. However, once you publish, upload, input, provide or submit (hereinafter referred to as "publishing") your submitted content, it means that you authorize PoplliCom, its affiliated companies, and necessary sub licensees shall use your submitted content for their Internet business operations (including but not limited to all Poplli.com services), including but not limited to the following license rights: copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly execute, reproduce, edit, translate, and reformat your submitted content; Publish names related to your submission; And the right to sublicense such rights to any service provider.


As stated in this article, we will not provide any compensation for the use of your submitted content. Poplili. Com assumes no responsibility for publishing or using any submitted content that you may provide, and Microsoft may delete any submitted content at any time at its discretion.


Once you publish the submitted content, you guarantee and declare that you have or otherwise control all rights to the submitted content (as described in these Terms of Use), including but not limited to all rights required for you to provide, publish, upload, input, or submit the content.


In addition to the above warranties and representations, once a submission containing images, photos, images, or all or part of other graphics (hereinafter referred to as "images") is published, you guarantee and declare that (a) you are the copyright owner of such images, or that the copyright owner of such images has authorized you to use such images or any content and/or images contained in such images, In accordance with your usage and purpose, as well as other licenses for these terms of use and services, (b) you have the necessary rights to grant the licenses and sub licenses described in these terms of use, and (c) each person described in such images (if any) has agreed to use the images in accordance with the provisions of these terms of use, This includes (examples only) distributing, publicly displaying, and replicating such images. Once an image is published, it means that you authorize (a) all members of your private community (for each such image available to this private community member), And/or (b) the public (excluding private communities for each such image available anywhere on the service) will use the image for any purpose related to the service under these terms of use (including the production of printed materials and gifts containing such images, which are only illustrative but not limited to these situations), including but not limited to granting non exclusive rightsA global royalty-free license allows for the copying, distribution, transmission, public display, public execution, reproduction, editing, translation, and reformatting of your images without attaching your name to such images, as well as the right to sublicense such rights to any service provider. When you completely delete such images from the service, the image licenses granted in the above content will terminate, provided that such termination shall not affect any licenses granted for such images before you completely delete them. We will not provide any compensation for using your images.


Declaration and Procedure on Filing Copyright Infringement Claims


According to Section 512 (c) (2) of Title 17 of the United States Code, a copyright infringement claim statement should be sent to the designated agent of the service provider. All inquiries unrelated to the following programs will not receive a response.


Visit the 'Infringement Statement' to find the statement and program for copyright infringement claims.


Links to third-party websites


Clicking on the link in this area will leave PoplliCom website. This linked website is not supported by PoplliCom control and PoplliCom is not responsible for the content of any linked websites, any links contained in linked websites, or any changes or updates to such websites. PoplliCom assumes no responsibility. Poplili. Com provides you with these links solely for the purpose of convenience, and including any links does not imply PoplliCom recognizes the website.

Unsolicited idea submission policy


Poplili. Com or any of its employees does not accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including ideas related to new advertising campaigns, promotions, new products or technologies, processes, materials, marketing plans, or new product names. Please do not send any original works, samples, demonstrations, or other works. The sole purpose of this policy is toThe product or marketing strategy of com appears to be consistent with the submission to PoplliWhen com's ideas are similar, avoid potential misunderstandings or controversies. Therefore, please do not send your unsolicited ideas to PoplliCom or any PoplliCom employees. Although we request that you do not send us your ideas and materials, if you still do so, PoplliCom does not guarantee that your ideas and materials will be treated as confidential or proprietary information. Please understand.